Joining PodScholar is easy. Just sign up and pay by credit card online (below), or post us a cheque, or electronically transfer the fee to our account and we will email you a login and password that gives you complete access to the site and features.

As a credit card subscriber, we will continue your membership as long as you wish without interruption, unless you tell us otherwise. At the end of your initial term, and before the start of your new term, we will simply charge your credit card at the rate then in effect. Should terms or rates change, we will notify you in advance. If we cannot charge your credit card we will send you a bill for your dues.

You can join in any one of the following ways:

2 year membership       $450 incl GST - Discounted to $360 incl GST

12 month membership  $250 incl GST - Discounted to $200 incl GST

6 month membership    $150 incl GST

Monthly membership    $30 incl GST

(Subscriptions will be automatically debited from your Credit Card on your anniversary date)


Please email or phone us with any questions you might have.


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