About PodScholar and the PodScholar Team

PodScholar is designed by Podiatrists and Physiotherapists that specialise in the Lower Limb.  It is an extension of the widely popular PhysioScholar education website for Physiotherapists.  We saw a gap in the provision of professional development for podiatrists in New Zealand and enlisted our expert consultant, Greg Woolman to help us transfer the extensive, quality education offerings that are applicable to Podiatrists from PhysioScholar to PodScholar.  But we didn't stop there, we have further developed content that is specific to the field of podiatry. 

We are here to facilitate your on-going education in a friendly, professional manner. We aim to deliver that education in a cost-effective and efficient way, making your continued development as a therapist as easy as possible.  You complete the education online and then submit the details to ‘My Place’ to keep a constant record of your CPD, ready to be printed out at anytime for an upcoming audit or job application.

It has taken a lot of time and work to put it all together and we hope you will find the information on PodScholar useful in your continued education and upskilling.  We are however never "finished" so if there is anything you wold like to learn about or that we could do better please get in touch.  We are all about making it easy and accessible to you and we would love to hear from you.

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Our staff are experts in research and learning, join us on the journey of ongoing learning.


Margie Olds Margie Olds is a physiotherapist who specialises in shoulder injuries, she is also a founding member of PodScholar. Margie is currently undertaking her PhD investigating the risk factors for recurrent shoulder instability following a first time traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation.  Her clinical passion is based around the shoulder and she has developed a Flawless Motion shoulder brace which is sold internationally (www.flawlessmotion.com).  She is an international speaker and recognised expert in the treatment of shoulder conditions.  Margie is also involved in post-graduate clinical education at AUT University.  Her research and education experience is drawn on to provide quality resources for PodScholar and her passion for continued learning provides a sound platform to springboard education innovation presented for you on PodScholar.
Jill Collier Jill Collier is a founding member of PodScholar.  She has worked in research for many years both at the Health and Rehabilitation Research Institute, AUT and as an independent contractor. Her field of interest is in musculoskeletal injury and in particular the effects of age and lifestyle changes on the body. Jill has published papers and made national and international presentations on lower limb neurodynamics, work related musculoskeletal disorders, osteoarthritis and outcome measures. She was part of the team that wrote the new guidelines for ACC on working with computers and risk factors in gradual process injuries. Jill has a passion to make life easy for busy clinicians to keep up with their CPD requirements.  Her expertise in gathering, reviewing and presenting research information in an easy to use format for clinicians is invaluable to the PodScholar team.
Peter McNair Peter McNair is the Director of the Health and Rehabilitation Research Institute, and Professor of Physiotherapy at Auckland University of Technology. His areas of expertise are focused on biomechanics of lower limb pathologies and exercise rehabilitation. Of particular interest are changes in muscle performance as a result of joint injury and disease. Peter is on the Editorial and Advisory Boards of five international journals in areas related to biomechanics and rehabilitation. He has published over 120 research papers including five book chapters. Peter has given 55 presentations throughout the world as a keynote or invited speaker, and has been a joint recipient of 15 national and international awards for research excellence.
Erik Dombroski Erik Dombroski has been a practising New Zealand registered physiotherapist since 1980 and has a MHSc. Erik worked clinically for the first 13 years in governmental hospitals and then three in private practice.  From 1996 to the end of 2015 he was a senior lecturer and held the academic position of Physiotherapy Programme Clinical Leader at AUT University. His past professional involvement has included Chair of Clinical Educators and Managers of Australia and New Zealand, Chair of the North Shore branch of PNZ, marketing committee member for PNZ and treasurer for the Physiotherapy Education Special Interest Group of PNZ. Erik’s interests are technology enhanced learning, eHealthcare, eLearning and professional ethics.